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Yerevan State Medical University

Mirijanyan G.M.

Of several problems of increase of living quality of patients with echinococcosis.

Department of Public Health and Health Care

Echinococcosis is a medico social problem for Health Care. According to a number of researches 12-25% of patients have the 2-nd group of Invalidity after treatment. The lethality rate of the disease is 12-25%. Echinococcosis remains a serious medical, social-economic problem. Deteriorations of epidemiological indicators are observed connected with the reduction of people's living standards, with the practical absence of sanitary-epidemiological arrangements for the breaking of the pathogen chain transfer, low medical literacy can be stated. Patients can be basically revealed according to their appeals. This is also determined with the condition, that medical aid is inaccessible for people. It is resulted in a high rate of complications. The late diagnosis and belated hospitalization, of course, exerts a direct influence on the quality indicator of patients.

The aim of the present research is to learn the state of a number of indicators characterizing the efficiency of the treatment of the patients with Echinococcosis. The objects of the research were patients /73 people/, curing at the ESMU /University Clinic N1/ from 2000 to 2005. Among patients, the rate of women /69.9±5.4/was higher than that of men /30.1±5.4/. The average age of patients for men is 44.2±2.9, and women is 33.5±2.9 /P<0.05/, these are patients of able-bodied age, that characterizes the social essence of the studying problem.

According to the localization on the first place is a liver /80.8%±4.6/, on the second place are lungs /12,3%±3,8/ and only 6,9%±3,0 are mixed types of the disease /P<0,05/. The liver localization for women is 72,3%±5,9, for men 27,7%±5,9 /P<0,05/.

The average age of patients according to the localization was analyzed. Results are:

Lung Echinococcosis- average age 37,4±2,6, liver-41,4±2,5, combined localization-46,4±3,6 /P<0,05/.

The criteria for the estimation of the live quality of patients were social-patients’ capacity for work, disease relapse; and medical-post operational complications, repeated operative treatment and economic indicators.

For the estimation of results a three-point scale has been worked out /good, satisfactory, unsatisfactory/.

Good and satisfactory results are stated for 55 /78,6%/ patients, unsatisfactory results of treatment are stated for 15 /21,4%/ patients; relapse for 5 /7,2%/, long existing suppurative-biliary fistula for 4 /5.7%/, post operational ventral hernia and phenomena of abdominal cavity peritoneal commissures at the stage of decompensation for 4 /5.7%/, chronic pleural empyema for 2 /2,8%/. All these patients are in need of regular medical check-up and of long term rehabilitating therapy.

Thus detailed and deep analysis of the received data gives basis to conclude, that it is necessary to plan rationally measures for the sanitation and increase treatment-and-preventive measures for the patients with Echinococcosis. The increase of the indicator level, characterizing the live quality, permit us more objective estimation in the efficiency of the conducting measures.

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