Реферат на тему Comparison Between Call Of The Wild And

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Comparison Between Call Of The Wild And Of Mice And Men Essay, Research Paper

The supplemental assignment I did was the one with the two books by different authors of the same genre. The books I read were Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and Call of the wild by Jack London. These two books are classified under the genre of drama.

In Of Mice and Men there are two main characters, Lennie Small and George Milton. Lennie and George worked on a ranch in California together. Lennie is a big guy with incredible strength but has the mind of a child. George is a regular sized man who is not too smart but has good common sense. In Call of the Wild there is only one main character named Buck. Buck is a dog that has a journey through the Klondike. He is transformed from being a weak domestic dog to a strong, harsh wolf like dog in the end.

Both story s told a compelling story but Call of the wild was more effective in tell the story of a dog s struggle in his journey through the harsh cold of the Klondike. Of Mice and Men was almost equally good except for being a little more complex than Call of the Wild.

I enjoyed reading Jack London s works because when he tells a story he gets straight to the point in saying what he has to say. John Steinbeck gradually builds on to his stories and doesn t get to the point as soon as Jack London but tells a compelling story in his own special way. The book that was better written was Call of the Wild because in my opinion it was very easy to read and it was one of those books were it keeps you tuned in the story all the time. The other book was good but did not keep me equally tuned in as Call of the Wild.

In conclusion, the two books were equally as good I think, but I thought the better one was the easier one to read and comprehend. The book that was the easiest and most comprehendible was Call of the Wild. That is why I chose it over Of Mice and Men.

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