Реферат на тему Desriptive Essay On Wrestling Essay Research Paper

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Desriptive Essay On Wrestling Essay, Research Paper


When a person walks into a building to see a live wrestling event they do not know what to expect. They wonder who will be wrestling. They wonder where their seats are. All of the suspense gets them ready for the show. The suspense gets them pumped and ready to for the show to start.

In the lobby they see many people standing around or buying T-shirts, hats, and other paraphanaliea of their favorite wrestling superstar. There is a smell of popcorn and other snacks in the air. It is very noisy from people talking about who they hope is there.

When the people try to find their seats it can be frustrating because it is dark and they do not know the layout of the arena. Once they end up finding their seats there are normally people sitting in them or they are in the wrong one and have to move.

When they see the wrestlers they are so much bigger than they thought. The wrestlers have big and powerful wrestlers. They are always in top condition. The smaller wrestlers still have muscles but they are not as powerful as the bigger ones. The smaller wrestlers rely on their speed to win their matches.

During the event there is a smell of smoke in the air from the fireworks that had gone off. There is a general noise throughout the building that gets louder as the wrestlers do a special move or look to the crowd. When a wrestler enters the ring the only thing that you can hear is the first part of their theme song because as soon as the crowd knows who it is they either cheer or boo. The sound of the wrestlers being slammed against the mat is very loud. When a wrestler does his final move you can hear the crowd burst into pandemonium as they all stand and cheer or boo, it all depends on who the wrestler is.

The main event is the best. That is where you get to see your favorite most of the time. There are no smells during the main event, only sounds of people chanting, clapping, and cheering. The main event is what everyone has been looking forward to. It is the best.

When you go to a wrestling event you are not sure what is going to happen and you are nervous. As you find your seat and become settled in the nervousness turns into pure pandemonium. The sights of the huge wrestlers, sounds of the fans cheering, and smells of food and snacks all add to the excitement.

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